Thai massages

The Traditional Thai Massage is one of the most amazing methodologies of the enigmatic Eastern medicine, based on the concept of energy channels flowing through the human body. By influencing special spots and stretching muscles during the massage, experienced therapists restore the impaired flows of vital energy, making a person feel great and bestowing the sense of inner harmony. Filled with creative power and arcane wisdom of the ancient healers, a massage therapist’s hands free the human body from cramps and the attendant sense of constraint, knead and warm stiff muscles, thoroughly treat the spine and joints.

Affecting the active spots on the invisible energy lines liberates the blocked energy, increases the sentience and vitality levels. Tender twists of joints and muscles relieve tension and improve flexibility. Taken together, this treatment bestows the feeling of complete rejuvenation, restoration and relaxation of the entire body, the peace of mind and spirit.

Performed on the floor (a mat) in special clothes. Thai balm can be used at the guest’s option.

The Aroma Massage is a special technique that implements the curative effect and unseals the profound centres of vital tone through the use of the feedback method. It is widely known that pleasure causes an emotional surge, optimism, a fit of energy. Indeed, there is a good reason behind the words once said by the ancient sages of the East – a moment of pleasure makes life last a thousand years longer. Of course, the Aroma Massage also includes traditional massage techniques, but the point of it is the added effect of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy conduces the improvement of one’s mood and wellbeing, whereas the oils used in the course of treatment effectively moisturise, nourish and tone the skin. Enriched with medicinal herb extracts, the oil penetrates deep into the cells, dissolving and disintegrating the accumulated toxins and excess free radicals. The Aroma

Massage restores and harmonises the inner energy. The Ayurveda fragrances of the oil exert active influence through the reflex zone, which optimises the neuron chains affecting the mood and body tone.Effect of the Aroma Massage: elimination of insomnia and fatigue, bodily and emotional harmonisation, healing of psychological trauma, energy restoration after psychoemotional stress and overload, treatment of blood vessels and nerve fibres, treatment of depression.

The Thai Foot Massage is a special treatment capable of bringing genuine delight. It conduces relaxation, eliminates fatigue and strengthens the immune system. Since the ancient times, people marvelled at the miraculous effect of foot massage. This is due to the abundance of active spots in this region of the human body, which are linked to most internal organs. This massage is especially recommended for those suffering from various diseases, e.g., gastrointestinal disorder, increased anxiety, stress, overstrain, vascular conditions, insomnia, tachycardia and different local diseases.The Foot Massage is performed using a special bamboo rod and a medicinal herb-based balm or nourishing cream.

Beneficial effect of the Thai Foot Massage: purges the body of toxins, improves blood circulation and the influx and efflux of lymph, eliminates foot muscle fatigue, strengthens the immune system, boosts the biological energy of hands and feet, conduces digestion, enhances the flexibility of arm and leg joints, reduces foot swelling, prevents the formation of new varices, cures insomnia, relaxes, relieves stress.

The methodology of this magical massage is based on affecting the body tissues with the steaming warmth of herb pouches. The herb pouch massage procedure uses a special compress, comprised of a harvest of medicinal herbs, roots, fruits and flowers, picked under the veil of night in exotic forests, exclusively during a specific moon phase. Recipes of these herbal blends were transferred between generations of healers by word of mouth or kept in the sacred stashes of temples.

A special blend of Thai herbs is a great way to relax and relieve stress, which also boosts the flow of blood to the required region of the body. Organs and tissues are saturated with oxygen, improving metabolism. Apart from that, congested and stressed muscles get relaxed, the toxin excretion process speeds up. All that fortifies the immune system and fills the body with energy.

Thanks to the warmth and unique effect of the herbal compress, pouches help mitigate the stress in aching muscles, conduces the improvement of respiratory functions and acts as a natural antiseptic.Apart from that, herbal compresses have a tonic effect on the skin and eliminate itching caused by allergic reactions.

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