PEELINGS  :  20 € ( 25 min.)

Norden cosmetics body peelings contain round sea salt crystals that ensure deep but unaggressive peeling, while allowing client enjoy massage. The following valuable oils have been added to the product to for proper body care: Jojoba, almond and castor oil, cacao tree butter and shea butter for tender skin and spiritual harmony as they contain pleasure-generating components.

Natura Peeling with sea salt : mineralation     

Natura Cinnamon peeling  : breathtaking aroma, peeling that creates warm and festive feeling for skin rejuvenation and deep moisturizing

Natura Red bilberry peeling  : harmony of scent and flavor of aromatic wild berries in stimulating, toning peeling 

Natura Hemp peeling  : intensive care 

Natura Lavender peeling : moisturised, smooth and healthy skin

Natura Red wine peeling  : antioxidant, deeply nourishing and skin moisturizing peeling with light aroma of berries wine and extract of Bordeaux wine

Natura  Fresh cranberry peeling  : energy, sun, lightness, buoyancy 

Natura   Green tea peeling  : toning, antioxidant peeling for skin rejuvenation and refreshment 

Natura  Orange-ginger peeling : anti-cellulite and body shape reducing peeling for improvement of well-being and joy of life

Natura Peony peeling : aphrodisiac


BODY MASKS (WRAP)    :  30 €  ( 35 min. )

The masks are created from the finest ingredients and suitable for body massage, followed with wrapping. Mask is used after body peeling procedure.Mask melts at body temperature, creating additional pleasure .

Natura Red wine body mask :  antioxidant mask with a light berry wine aroma and wine Bordoux extract

Natura Cinnamon mask : mask which is fascinated with aroma and create warm and festivity feeling

Natura Hemp mask : a euphoric treatment improving mood and lifting spirit .

Natura Chocolate mask  : creamy, relaxing, aromatic mask of 100% dark brut class chocolate

Natura Red bilberry mask   : aromatic wild berry aromas and flavors harmony in exhilarating, toning mask

Natura Lavender mask  : moisturised, smooth and healthy skin

Natura  Fresh cranberries mask : energy, sun, lightness, buoyancy

Natura Orange-ginger mask : warming, reinforcing, promoting blood circulation and subcutaneous fat layer burning mask

Natura Green tea mask : toning, antioxidant mask for skin rejuvenation and refreshment

Natura Peony mask

EKO maska Grūtniecēm un laktācijas periodā  


SPA THERAPY  :  peeling and body mask (wrap)

Natura Honey-almond peeling-mask  : visibly rejuvenated, smooth, moisturised, toned and deeply nurtured skin   35  € ( 45 min. )

Natura Red bilberry  SPA therapy   : shiny, flexible, smooth, moisturized skin   35 € ( 60 min.)

Natura Oriental  spices  SPA therapy   : 35 € ( 60 min. )

Natura Hemp  SPA therapy :  flexible, smooth, toned, enriched and deeply fed skin  35 € ( 60 min.)

Natura  Red Wine  SPA therapy  : intensive skin rejuvenating and toning mask, smooth, flexible and moisturized skin  35  € (60 min.)

Natura Lavender  SPA therapy  : moisturised, smooth and healthy skin   35 € ( 60 min.)

Natura Peony SPA Therapy :    35  € ( 60 min.)

Natura Green tea SPA therapy : flexible, smooth, moisturized and enriched skin, clean and healed skin   35 €  ( 60 min.)

Natura Orange-ginger SPA therapy : deeply moisturized, smooth, renewed skin reduced body shape and capillary networks   35 € (60 min.)

Natura Fresh cranberries SPA therapy : moisturised, smooth skin, helps to reduce the capillaries   35 € ( 60 min.)


Bikini zone     40 €

Armpits           10 €

Upper lip          8 €

Legs (whole)  29 €

Hands             15 €