Thanks to the Thai massage gives you the following benefits: you will feel pleasant sensation despite the fact that you remain in clothes during the massage ; the massage will extend the scale of your feelings ; you will feel joy and pleasure during the long period after the massage session ;Thai massage will increase your sensibility

Thai massage will be beneficial for also you in such cases : If you non active lifestyle ; You feel restrain in your muscles ;You have sleep disorders

Thanks to the special nature of the Thai massage each client will have the opportunity to feel no stress after the massage session. It is very important for good life in our days as the reason of the stress is caused by chronic fatigue and constant tension. Thus thanks to the Thai massage you will forget about each depression and chronic fatigue you will feel happiness and joy instead.

Traditional Thai Massage by applying stretching, pressure and twisting methods, includes a technique which stimulates energy meridians. By unlocking the energy and increasing working capacity, this massage promotes deep relaxation, releases daily accumulated stress, improves health, increases vitality, and gives you harmony of the body and the mind. The massage is performed while lying on a mat and wearing special loose clothing. After the session, a gain of strength can be felt, the inner balance is restored, and metabolism is improved. The 2-hour session of Traditional Thai Massage will allow to devote more attention to work with problematic zones and will exert a significant revitalizing effect

Traditional Thai Massage for Children from the age of 3 to 12 years. Have a positive effect on the immune, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, skeletal, and digestive system of the child. Excellent prevention and treatment of scoliosis.

Extraordinary Thai Massage of back, neck and shoulders, by applying Thai herbal balms will greatly reduce the painful symptoms and the tension in muscles

Thai Foot Massage – a wonderful way of improving circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage. There are reflexology zones on our feet that are connected with all internal organs. The master will thoroughly massage all vitally important points of your foot, starting from the heel to the very toes, and will activate the energy channels. You will experience unusual ease and pleasant feeling of total relaxation, regaining the strength...

Thai Head Massage – an ancient Eastern procedure which helps to reduce fatigue and tension, anxiety and stress. The main movement of the massage – rubbing applied by the master on the hairy part of the head, as well as neck and shoulders. Strengthening the circulation of blood, the head massage will improve also the overall physical and emotional condition of the body, it activates the immune system, helps to treat migraine and insomnia, strengthens hair and stimulates their growth. The massage of the temporal region will reduce eye fatigue, headaches.  

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