Natura Chocolate SPA therapy  : peace, relaxation, slackening, happiness, harmony. Result : refreshed, flexible, smooth, moisturized, toned, enriched and deeply fed skin. Product features : aromatic mask, excellent slipping properties, natural, soothing chocolate aroma.

Natura Oriental spices SPA therapy  : real warming, energy, joy, festivity. Result : relaxation, firm, moisturized and fed skin, prolonged exposure of aromatherapy after procedure, mental balance. Product features : light, foamed, crisping mask, excellent slipping properties, rich aroma and men will perceive it throughout the year.

Natura  Fresh Cranberry SPA therapy  : energy, sun, lightness, buoyancy. Result : moisturized, smooth skin, helps to reduce the capillaries.

Natura Hemp SPA therapy  .Result  : intensively moisturizing-nourishing treatment for the skin, and relaxation for the muscles.

Natura Honey – almond peeling-mask : relaxation, happiness, harmony. Result :visibly rejuvenated, smooth, moisturised, toned and deeply nurtured skin . About product : aromatic mask, easy to apply, nice aroma of almonds.