As a methodical manual application of pressure and movement to the soft tissue of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments; massages get curing by encouraging the flow of blood and lymph, alleviating tension, stimulating nerves, and loosening or stretching muscles and connective tissue to maintain them flexible.

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

Chocolate massage : Thanks to the content of a unique composition of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, alkaloids and anti-oxidants, it stimulates and calms the organism at the same time.
Effects of Chocolate Massage :  Chocolate nourishes the body cells, relaxes the muscles, relieves pain (head, back), heats and helps maintain body temperature, expands the veins and thus improves blood return.
It is capable of boosting the metabolism; it acts against retention of water (swellings), detoxification of the organism, also beneficial during slimming and shaping of the body. Chocolate massage nourishes, softens, cleanses, stretches the skin and gives it lustre. It protects against free radicals, which cause ageing, and eliminates cellulite and striae.
Chocolate pleasurably relieves stress and brings a feeling of perfect ease and happiness.

Lymphatic drainage It is a gentle rhythmic, pumping massage that follows the course on lymph system in the body. This technique produces fast results in diminishing swelling and eliminating wastes trapped in the connective tissue back and the lymph nodes to the blood stream. It also helps in the reduction of aches, relaxation (produced by the stabilization of the chemical flow) and in the enhancement of immune function.

Sports massage It is explicitly developed for people involved in physical activity (not necessarily professional), centered on the prevention and treatment of injury as well as on the enhancement of athletic performance. Sport massage prepares the athlete for a high performance, mitigates fatigue, reduces the risk of injury, decreases swelling, improves flexibility and range of motion, helps cure damaged tissue, aids in emotional clarity and accelerates the natural recuperative process of the body.

Holistic massage This technique considers the human being as a whole rather than a set of conditions. Every aspect of the patient is observed and evaluated, including emotional troubles and physical pain. Holistic massage session begins with the back and back of legs and finishes with the patient lying on his back, receiving long strokes from head to foot to achieve relaxation. After the treatment, is common that client feels a sense of world-connection and peace.
In Holistic massage, practitioners use several long strokes between the body areas being worked on, customized to the necessities of each client. Regularly a session lasts 1 hour.

Reflexology is frequently called Foot Massage due to reflexologists apply more emphasis in this area, but the method is more complex and requires that practitioners have a lot of practice. This is a pleasant type of bodywork utilized to relieve stress and promote relaxation, in particular for people that stand on their feet many hours or just have achy feet. Moreover, reflexology improves circulation, enhances specific bodily and muscular functions and augments motivation and concentration.

Aromatherapy It is a massage treatment that involves scented plant oils like lavender, in its application. Therapists choose "essential oils" with relaxing, revitalizing, stress-reducing and balancing properties; according to the patient s needs. They use long, gentle, sweeping strokes to the body trying to insert the oils into the client s body via the capillaries. Many essential oils that are extracted from herbs, flowers, and roots have proved beneficial therapeutic qualities. However, only skilled professionals can apply it appropriately. Some oil combinations can result toxic, while others can burn the skin. Aromatherapy massage is recommended to stress-related ailments or emotional problems. It is generally associated with lymphatic drainage form of massage