Body Exfoliations (Peelings)

 ECO   Sugar Peeling with Goat s Milk and Lychee
Build on natural vegetable oils of soya and almond reinforce dry skin. Peeling is rich in vitamins C, E and from B group.Bees wax soothes, sugar crystals during a treatment go smaller and smaller so we can control the strength of exfoliation
by pressure executed by a therapist. This peeling is exclusive cosmetic for mature and sensitive skin, contains many important ingredients and vitamins of nourishing and regenerating activity. It not only cleans, but leaves the
surface of the skin smooth and oily.                      

 ECO  Sugar peeling with pieces of Cranberry fruits - cleans gently and prepares your skin to further steps of scented fruity body care. Cranberry brings many vitamins,especially C and E – makes blood vessels stronger, protects cells against aging. Vegetable oils, soya for example, gives a comfort of use, smoothes epidermis and make it more elastic.Peeling is revitalizing, refreshes and enlights tired skin.

ECO Chocolate Sugar Peeling 
It cleans, smoothes and prepares the skin to other steps of perfumed body care therapy. Sugar crystals eliminate callous epidermis, shea and cacao butters will make skin moisturized and elastic.STIMU-TEX® complex added soothes irritated and dry skin bringing refreshment and silky smooth texture. Peeling is a part of CHOCOLAT BAIN DES SENSES professional line.

Natura  Peeling with Dead Sea salt : re -mineralization
Healing Karnalit Salt from Dead Sea a rare high quality product of unique content an of bitter-salty taste.
Thanks to high content of kalium, magnesium, lime and many other elements that salt has a wide use in medical and cosmetic treatments. In therapies fight the stress and physical fatigue.