Algae Body Masks


Algae contain the riches of organic and non-organic elements. They are easily absorbed by human tissues. Their activity on the skin is very wide; they nourish, moisturize, improve micro-circulation and most of all firm rapidly.According to the algae type masks differ in their action.

Argiplast Orange Regenerating Mask is a new generation cosmetic of a highest quality. This unique peel-off used warm is very easy to prepare. Soft, velvet structure and gentle fragrance of orange connected with warm up cell effect are relaxing during application. The warmth is an extra element accelerating absorption of active elements. Kaolin clay brings necessary elements, smoothes, shines and moisturizes. High quality nourishing alginate has riches of minerals and vitamins. After its use skin becomes firm, stretched and beautifully smooth. Wheat added improves skin condition, strengthens it and rejuvenates, soothes the irritations. Another important element in this mask is vitamin E - called youth vitamin. It supports renew of hydrolipid film and fortifies protection functions – neutralizing free radicals. Scented mixture of lemon and bitter orange essential oils tones up and let you get better mood and energy. This regenerating body mask makes your skin become stretched, revitalized and fortified. Can be used for all body or just chosen areas.

Teaplast Mask Green is detoxifying modern body mask. Joins effectiveness of results with simplicity of use. Efficiency and velvet structure are the strong trump of that product.
Thanks to warm application the treatment with a use of this mask is very pleasant to customer and relaxing; with the temperature rises the absorption of active elements from cosmetics. With the highest quality alginate and kaolin clay that mask brings mineral salts and calcium to the skin. The use of the green tea extract, having the caffeine and teine, revitalizes, detoxifies and fortifies the struggle with free radicals. The green tea possess the slimming properties. The iodine of laminaria algae ad¬ded, known for their firming activity is making stronger this green tea property. This body argiplast mask im¬proves micro-circulation, strongly rejuvenates leaving it moisturized and firm.

The unique slimming-detoxifying algae mask exploiting green tea, laminaria algae and horstail properties. The base is the high quality alginate assuring the perfect consistency and efficiency, as well as remineralization, moisture and skin stretch.
Coming from asian fields green tea is full of teofiline which with natural iodine – ingredient of algae laminaria, create a tandem accelerating lipolysis. Mask stimulates cells of epi¬dermis, accelerates metabolism, reduces lipid concrements and intensively firms. By elimination of the excess of water from tissues improves the structure of the skin and visibly reduces cellulite. Both green tea and algae laminaria have anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties, that way counteract processes of aging. These attributes completes the horstail extract, appreciated for its tissue regenerating and skin conditioning activity. We added rosemary oil stimulating micro-circulation and metabolic processes. Mask is easy in application, has an optimum setting time and can be easily wash off without shower. Recommended to slimming and fortifying treatments.

This mask is recommended for cabinet care of breast and neck skin. Is based on high quality alginate with perfectly matching setting point. Its firming activity relies on ULVA AOSA algae. These small green algae besides proline and lisine contain a proteine similar the human elastyne – aosaine. It is easily assimilated by our skin vegetable substitute of elastyne, braking its disintegration in the skin by blocking elastase activity. More than that, it stimulates also fibroplasts to the higher production of new collagen reconstructing tissue skeleton.
It strengthens the structure of the skin, stretches it and counteracts striae creation. Aosa regenerates and revitalizes, is rich in minerals, amino acids and proteins. High beta-carotene, iron and vitamin C content brakes aging process and accelerates the epidermis renew. Ulva aosa accelerates also cellar metabolism and softens acne problems.
This mask is recommended to mature, weak, flabby skin, needing regeneration and with inclination to the striae creation. This can be a treatment for women planning pregnancy or just after the breast feeding.